Fairtrade Factory. Sustainable Fabric.

The Dress

A lightweight casual loose cut dress, perfect for everyday wear.

Sustainable Fabric

Made from a mix of Organic Cotton and Lyocell by TENCEL™.

Lyocell is a more sustainable fabric made from wood pulp. The Lyocell fibres are produced from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. It is made using a closed loop production process, meaning that water is recycled and solvent reused to have minimal environmental impact. Compared to conventional or generic fibre this fabric uses 40% less water, 36% less energy and 60% less CO2.

Organic cotton is better for the soil, the farmers and their families because of the damage that can be caused by fertilisers in conventional cotton production. Compared to conventional or generic fibre this organic cotton uses 91% less water, 61% less energy and 46% less CO2 to produced.

Certified Factory

This garment was made in Etfor Empresa, Forjaes, Portugal. The factory is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and Fairtrade. ARMEDANGELS have been working with Etfor Empresa since 2013. They visit their factories a minimum of two times a year. These certifications, along with ARMEDANGELS personal visits, help to ensure good environmental practices and social standards.

We've been very impressed with the transparency which ARMEDANGELS talk about their supply chain. They are willing to acknowledge where they have space to improve as well as celebrating their successes. They are pioneers both environmentally and socially within the fashion industry.

Increasing Wages

ARMEDANGELS are implementing a pioneering open costing method with their factories to increase worker wages. Paying living wages - a wage high enough to cover a families basic needs, which is often higher than a countries minimum wage - is one of the areas that the vast majority of brands in the fashion industry are falling behind in. We're pleased to see that this is on ARMEDANGELS agenda and they are making steps towards it.

The Details

67% Lyocell (TENCEL™), 33% Cotton (organic)

Length: 95cm

Loose Cut

The model is 5ft 9' (1.79m) tall and is wearing a size S.

Care: 30° mild machine wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron at low temperature, do not dry clean