Made in Manchester. 100% Merino Wool.

The knit and the brand behind it

A classic cut merino wool jumper made in Manchester.

Peregrine is the brand name of the manufacturing company J G Glover & co. who have been crafting the highest quality knitwear and coats in England, using natural fibres for over 220 years. The company has been lovingly passed down through eight generations of the Glover family.

Peregrine is now run by Tom Glover in Montpelier, Bristol.

The Ethics

Made in Manchester

Peregrine have been manufacturing in Manchester since 2012. They visit their factory once a week and have a close working relationship with them, enabling them to have a good view into the working conditions of the factory.

Being made in the UK also helps to keep CO2 emissions from shipping low.

Non-Mulesed Merino Wool

Peregrine only source guaranteed non-mulesed wool. Mulesiling is a painful procedure where skin is removed from around the backside of the sheep.

Ethical Developments

Currently, Peregrine's products are transported in plastic wrap to keep them protected. We'd like to see an alternative to plastic used to protect items.

Extra Info


Fits true to size


100% Merino Wool