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The art of being subtle.

You’re at a party. You gently brush pass someone you want to speak to. You kindly apologise. Then make a general comment on the weather, their outfit, the food. You share a smile and you’re in.

You’ve just mastered the art of being subtle. 

Subtle gets you places effortlessly. It’s an art form. It’s understated. But still manages to make you stand out. What a paradox.

Subtle design is just that. And if you want to see it in practice, you’ve just landed on it. 

This sweatshirt features a contrast texture from the body to raglan sleeve. It's a relaxed fit, with minimal “V” detail and an embroidered logo. All in a muted charcoal. It’s made by a Fairtrade Factory in Portugal from soft organic cotton. 

Like you, this sweatshirt has a lot going for it. But it doesn’t need to shout about it. It’s mastered the art of being subtle.

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Now that was an incredibly unsubtle bit of marketing.

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    Scroll down to read the story of the brand, factory and fabric.

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    Relaxed Fit, 71cm

    Relaxed Fit, 71cm

    Relaxed Fit, 71cm

    Relaxed Fit, 71cm

    100% Organic Cotton

    Machine wash at 30℃


    The Brand Story

    Founded in 2007 in Cologne, ARMEDANGELS are pioneers in the ethical and sustainable fashion industry. Their team visits workers throughout their supply chain from cotton farmers through to cut and sew factories. They use a variety of more sustainable materials including, organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel®.

    ARMEDANGELS are constantly working to transform the fashion industry - and to show they are not just talk they work with a number of independent certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard, Fair Wear Foundation and Fairtrade.

    They have been very transparent with us about where they are performing well and where they can improve. They are true pioneers both environmentally and socially within the fashion industry focussing on modern, contemporary collections instead of changing trends. Fair Fashion instead of Fast Fashion.

    Organic Cotton

    Organic cotton is better for the soil, the farmers and their families because of the damage that can be caused by chemicals used in conventional cotton production.

    The Factory

    This garment was made in Portugal. The factory employees 107 people and provides a free annual medical check for workers. It is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and Fairtrade. ARMEDANGELS have been working with Etfor Empresa since 2013 and visit their factories a minimum of two times a year. These certifications, along with ARMEDANGELS personal visits, help to ensure good environmental practices and social standards.

    Where can ARMEDANGELS improve?

    ARMEDANGELS are implementing a pioneering open costing method with their factories to increase worker wages. Paying living wages - a wage high enough to cover a families basic needs, which is often higher than a countries minimum wage - is one of the areas that the vast majority of brands in the fashion industry are falling behind in. We’re pleased to see that this is on ARMEDANGELS agenda and they are making steps towards it.