Organic Cotton. Produced in Poland.

The Sweatshirt

A super soft light grey fleece. It has cropped sleeves and a small turtle neck.

The Ethics

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is better for the soil, the farmers and their families due to the damage that can be caused by fertilisers in conventional cotton production.

Produced in Poland

This garment was produced in Wroclaw, Poland in a small factory employing 7 people. Jan n' June have been working with this factory since 2014. They chose this factory because it is close enough to Jan n June HQ that they can visit regularly, to audit the factory and monitor production.


Ethical Developments

Jan n' June do report that their factory pays living wages - a wage high enough to cover a families basic needs, which is often higher than legal minimum wages. However we'd like there to be an independent or internal audit assessment in place to verify this.

Extra Info


100% Organic Cotton Fleece