The t-shirt was originally underwear. 

It was a form of onesie. Who’d of thought?

But onesies were too hot, so people cut them in half. By the 60s, with the help of Hollywood, the t-shirt as we know it had become mainstream.

As the fashion industry boomed buisnessmen realised they could make more money by sending production abroad. With this came a host of human rights abuses.

Not the Hollywood dream.

So after realising the onesie was a bad idea. And that the way we were producing this new t-shirt was also a bad idea. We needed a new kind of t-shirt.

That’s what you have found yourself looking at right now.

It looks like the old one. It will still give you that effortlessly cool vibe you expect from a plain t-shirt. It will still keep you outrageously good looking as you pair it with your signature corduroy jacket.

But you know this t-shirt is different. You feel it. You find yourself looking at the label. Not a cool thing to do. But you make it cool.

This t-shirt is made from Fairtrade organic cotton to support farmers and the earth. And it’s made in India, in a Fairtrade factory. But more than that, this t-shirt is part of a pioneering scheme to increase garment workers wages.

You realise you’ve found a new kind of t-shirt. One that truly fits you.

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      • THE FABRIC



      The Brand Story

      Found Hea launched in 2019 with a mission to make ethical clothing accessible. Along with our collection of pioneering, sustainable and ethical brands, we have also started producing our own collection and will continue to expand our range over the next year.

      The factory is located outside Tirupur, India and is certified by Fairtrade and Global Organic Textile Standard. The factory is powered using wind and solar power. 

      In addition to GOTS and Fairtrade certifications, the factory has been independently assessed by The FairWear Foundation - an organisation who seek to improve working conditions and pay in factories. They have been categorised as a Leader by FairWear, a position allocated "for member companies who are doing exceptionally well … Leaders show best practices in complex areas such as living wages and freedom of association.” 

      We particularly liked that FairWear’s Report states that Idioma's supplier visit their factories frequently and that management have been active at training women workers to become supervisors. You can read FairWear’s report here. (Our supplier also source from other factories so the report includes those factories as well). 

      Fair Share Wage Programme

      We have paid a premium for each of our fair share t-shirts that is passed directly onto the workers in India towards a living wage. A living wage is one of the areas that the fashion industry is making slow progress in. We’re proud to be working with a supplier who are making steps towards changing this.

      Our organic cotton was grown in India. Organic cotton is better for the soil, the farmers and their families due to the damage that can be caused by chemicals used in conventional cotton production. 

      Fairtrade cotton seeks to improve the lives of cotton farmers, through tools such as paying a Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium to invest in business or community projects.

      These t-shirts were screen printed in Bristol, UK using water based inks, which are a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastisol inks.

      We’d like to see the fair share project rolled out across all products produced in the factory to ensure a living wage is paid to workers.

      Fabric & Care

      100% Organic Cotton

      Care: 30° mild machine wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron at low temperature, do not dry clean

      Delivery & Returns

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