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The Lengua T-shirt


The globe spins and the lands blur and blend, shrinking the distances between us. This design links words from Maori, Korean, and Persian, to the visuals of the languages of the Navajo people. Cultures of the world united, and it feels good.

The Áo Yè T-shirt

(To Stay Up Late)

Stars overhead watch us work and play. From Mandarin Chinese, “Áo Yè” describes us ‘burning the midnight oil’, focused on the task at hand, reaching our night-time nirvana of peace and purpose.

The Solivagant T-shirt

(Wandering Alone)

Wander alone, and think more.
Solivagant: An emblem for the journey,
where the highs and lows are uniquely yours.

The Be New T-shirt

Celebrate the new, in Hebrew, with these warm wishes,

תתחדש/י (pronounced: ‘titchadesh’ for men or ‘titchadshi’ for women).
Meaning “You shall be renewed!”, these words are spoken to
the receiver of presents and new items, amplifying
the goodwill that goes with them.