Supporting artisans in Kenya. Recycled Brass.

The Necklace

The Mwezi necklace is a statement piece, taking inspiration from traditional Kenyan jewellery.


The Ethics

Fair Wages

Yala's designs are brought to life by skilled Artisans in Kenya. They value their talent by paying them a truly fair wage - triple the daily wage for jewellery artisans in Kenya.

Recycled Brass

Yala are conscious of using materials that have a low environmental impact in their collection. The recycled brass pendant holds a delicate pattern of white and gold glass seed beads, which are carefully arranged within a brass plate around a central hammered brass disc. The plate is threaded with a 14k gold fill curb chain and fastening.


Made by artisans in Kenya

Yala Jewellery Meet the Makers George

The metal components of this necklace were made in a workshop just outside Nairobi. Yala work with George and his team of 15 artisans to create the intricate brass and horn elements of their collection.

George started his business after realising his skills with brass while working as a professional mechanic. He began with doorknobs and door handles, and over the years he progressed to accessories, buckles and jewellery.


Yala Jewellery BMB Maasai Workshop

The pendant necklace was beaded at BMB Workshop located just outside the Massai Mara in Kenya. The workshop employs 158 local women, and one man Oscar.

The BMB Workshop brings together local artisans who have learnt how to create precious beaded jewellery and leather wares using traditional methods. These techniques have been passed down from generation to generation of Maasai women, and accessorising is integral to their culture.

Providing three times the average daily wage in Kenya, the workshop enables its artisans to look after themselves and their families, as well as neighbours and friends who are dependent on the women. In total, their work has a positive impact on over 300 households in the area.

The close partnership between Yala and the BMB Workshop means they know who made our beaded and leather accessories, and that they were paid fairly for their work.

The BMB Workshop is certified by the International Fairtrade Association. 


A Good Company

Yala are a certified B-Corp, this means they have legally committed to having a positive social impact as a business, they are proud to be the first jewellery B-Corp. Their company is built on social values, to improve the lives of others by creating financial opportunities for skilled artisans, demonstrating their talent, while maintaining a low environmental impact.

Yala connect with their artisans on a personal level by visiting and keeping in touch with them - not just as colleagues, but as friends. They facilitate weekly workshop visits from team members based in Kenya to ensure everyone has a safe, happy work environment to create their high quality jewellery.


Sizing & Materials

40cm chain length, Pendant is 8cm wide and 5.5cm high

Recycled brass, glass beads, gold fill

Free of lead, nickel and cadmium