Fairtrade Factory. Organic Cotton.

The Sweatshirt

A soft summer terry sweatshirt.

The Ethics

Organic cotton is better for the soil, the farmers and their families because of the damage that can be caused by fertilisers in conventional cotton production. Compare to conventional or generic fibre this organic cotton uses 91% less water, 61% less energy and 41% less CO2 to produce.

This garment was made in Portugal. ARMEDANGELS visit their factories personally and have been working with this factory since 2014. Workers receive free transportation and free medical support. The factory has Fairtrade and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. These independent certifications, along with ARMEDANGELS personal visits, help to ensure good environmental practices and social standards.

We've been very impressed with the transparency which ARMEDANGELS talk about their supply chain. They are willing to acknowledge where they have space to improve as well as celebrating their successes. They are pioneers both environmentally and socially within the fashion industry.

Ethical Developments

Currently, ARMEDANGELS do not pay a living wage to all workers, however they are making steps towards this happening. They use a method called labour minute costing to assess how much labour costs for every garment they make. This means they know the exact link between what they pay for an item and the labour costs. It is a tool they can use to enable factory management to pay higher wages. Living wages are one of the areas that the vast majority of brands in the fashion industry are falling behind in, so we're pleased to see that this is on ARMEDANGELS agenda and they are making steps towards it. 

The Fabric

100% Organic Cotton

The Sizing

Loose Cut

Length: 60cm

The model is 5ft 8' (1.77m) tall and is wearing a size S.