A Very Brief Overview

A Very Brief Overview

By Sam Mabley

A Very Brief Overview

Every garment has a story, whether that’s a jacket made of recycled plastic bottles or paying employees three times the minimum wage.

Our Goal

Our goal is that every worker from field to factory is treated well and paid a living wage, all whilst having minimal impact on the environment.

Know The Origin's Fairtrade factory in India. Photo credit: Know The Origin

The Problem

The problem is that too often this does not happen in the fashion industry, with reports of human rights violations and low worker pay across the industry. Furthermore, due to high water and pesticide usage in fabric production and toxic chemicals used for dying clothing, fashion can have a large environmental footprint.

Our Research

We’re working with brands who are helping to change this. We ask lots of questions, researching their supply chains and reading third party audits, to assure us of better working conditions and environmental practice. If you want to go in depth, you can read about how we conduct our research here. We also outline why we chose each product on our product pages, as well as where brands can improve.

ARMEDANGELS visiting organic cotton farmers

Transparency for an Informed Choice

Our brands aren't perfect. We recognise that brands are on a journey towards sustainability, which is why our product pages include where brands are performing well and where they can improve, allowing you to make an informed choice and buy in line with your values.

In order for a brand to be included in our collection, they will either have a particular part of their supply chain which stands out ethically or will perform well across a large portion of their supply chain. Brands can continue to improve if they have continued support, which is why we’re supporting the ethical pioneers.

If you have any questions about any of the products we stock, do not hesitate to contact us at sam@foundhea.com


Found Hea endeavour to keep all information on products up to date and accurate, however will not be liable if information is not accurate at a given time.