Why We Carbon Offset Delivery

Why We Carbon Offset Delivery

By Sam Mabley

Why We Carbon Offset Delivery

We’ve all been travelling a lot less over lockdown.

Rivers have become clearer.

The air in cities has become cleaner.

We all know pollution is bad for health and climate change.

Lockdown has made that even more obvious.

Through our online business, products are sent around the globe, travelling many miles to make it to your homes.

This produces a lot of carbon emissions.

So we needed a solution.

For every order from foundhea.com we carbon offset the delivery to your home.

The verified project we support is the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project in Brazil.

They are protecting an area of land which spans nearly 500,000 hectares in the Amazon rainforest.

Known as the “lungs of the planet” the Amazon absorbs 20% of the world’s carbon.

But through illegal timber harvesting and deforestation it is being threatened.

It’s estimated that it is being deforested at a rate of 3 football fields per minute.

By protecting the forest, the Jari Pará project are helping to absorb carbon emissions as well as seeking to provide income and employment for communities.

They’re doing a good thing.

But we’re aware that carbon offsetting is not enough.

We know that it won’t solve climate change and that we will need to continue to find more sustainable solutions.

But for now we think it’s a step in the right direction.