We Won't Forget

We Won't Forget

By Sam Mabley

We Won't Forget
On 24th April 2013, the Rana Plaza factory collapsed.

It killed 1,134 people and injured many more.

These Bangladeshi women and men were making our clothes.

The managers knew there were cracks in the building.

But they told workers to return to work.

Some managers threatened to withhold a month's pay if they did not.

Since then, an Accord was made.

It put in place a set of legally binding standards for fire and building safety.

It covers over 1,600 factories.

More than 200 multinational labels signed the Accord.

Factories have been renovated.

Safety has been improved for millions of garment workers.

There has been a significant drop in severe accidents.

But there are still severe accidents.

Wages still remain low.

Physical and verbal abuse is still a problem.

We are so far removed from the people making our clothes, if we saw people working in these conditions next to our shops we would never buy from them.

But it's all hidden.

We don't change the fashion industry for us.

It's for the women, men and children making our clothes.

We won't forget.