Modern Slavery in Leicester

Modern Slavery in Leicester

By Sam Mabley

Modern Slavery in Leicester

The Sunday Times did an undercover report which showed that workers in Leicester, UK are being paid as little as £3.50 per hour to make clothes for the brand Nasty Gal who are owned by Boohoo.

Truly shocking.

But this is not a new issue.

Vogue reported in 2017 that clothing factory workers in Leicester were being paid an average wage of £3 per hour and some workers were being paid as little as £1 per hour.

The “Made in Britain” tag is not all it’s hyped up to be.

Here’s one more stat for you.

In 2015 the Ethical Trading Initiative did a study that found “71 per cent of companies believe there is a likelihood of modern slavery occurring at some point within their supply chains.”

So companies continue to operate, knowing that there is a risk of modern slavery in their supply chains, without taking sufficient measures to prevent it.

Again, shocking.

But we can do something about this.

Brands respond to customer demand.

They create fashion that exploits workers because customers don’t demand they do anything differently.

We hear stories like that of the factory workers in Leicester and don’t commit to action.

But if we demand something different, brands will change.

It’s the decisions we make each day that will have a huge compound effect over time to transform the lives of the women and men making our clothes.

So let’s keep on talking to our friends about where our clothes are made.

Let’s ask brands about their ethics before we buy from them.

And let’s spend with brands who are transforming the industry.

Let’s keep going.