Meet Blué: Founder of Kings

Meet Blué: Founder of Kings

By Sam Mabley

Meet Blué: Founder of Kings
Blué, founder of Kings was no stranger to anxiety.

The day before his 25th birthday, whilst driving home from work, he felt severe chest pain and numbness in his hands.

He was having a panic attack.

“As a man, I felt an overwhelming sense of shame” said Blué.

“In my mind, it was down to me to solve this problem”.

There was only so long he could continue.

Diet, social life, career, thinking patterns.

He addressed it all.

He quit his job and travelled the world.

A time to gain perspective.

We all need perspective sometimes.

He came back to the UK.

Changed career.
Became a youth mentor.
Then he launched Kings.

A social enterprise creating aftershave and reinvesting a percentage of profits into men’s mental health projects.

Talk about taking a lot on.

I met Blué over a year ago now.

He came into the shop talking about his new brand.

He was personable. Honest. Sincere. Easy to talk to.

We kept in touch as Kings launched.

He brought a sample of his aftershave into store. It smelt great.

So we put it on the shelves.

Since then, Kings has supported men around the world and Blué has continued to tackle life head on.

With his young son by his side, he holds down a regular job, runs Kings and co-founded Talk Club, a space for men to talk about mental health.

This is a man changing the lives of men around the world.

Blué 👏