A brand you'd want to be friends with: Flamingos Life

A brand you'd want to be friends with: Flamingos Life

By Hannah Parsons

A brand you'd want to be friends with: Flamingos Life

Flamingos Life are Spanish trainer makers. With a sunset logo inspired by their home in Gran Alacant, these sneakers give off the sort of nonchalant vibe you get from a place that’s always sunny. But if you think that carefree nonchalance extends to their values, you’d be wrong.

This is a brand who go the extra mile. Ambitious and hopeful – not just looking to make an environmentally-friendly sneaker – they want their business to become a solution to some of the environmental crises we’re facing.

The shoes are made from a faux leather, material from post-consumer plastic bottles, organic cotton grown without pesticides, and natural rubber extracted in a sustainable way. They are 100% vegan and PETA-approved. In buying a pair of their trainers, you recycle two plastic bottles and save 1600 litres of water (as opposed to buying new). But they don’t just focus on sustainable materials.

In August 2018, Flamingos Life made a bold decision. Being aware of the lack of transparency in the fashion industry they decided to move production from Asia, to their home of Spain. They now manufacture their products exclusively in family-owned factories with over 40 years of experience in the footwear sector. They’re located 15km from Flamingos Life office, so weekly visits are in place to manage orders and monitor working conditions.

Here’s where Flamingos Life raise the bar even further. Each shoe collection is associated with a specific environmental project. The brand has paired up with Eden Reforestation Projects and Waste Free Oceans so that your purchase will contribute to reforesting areas of Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Ethiopia and Indonesia, or collecting debris from our plastic-laden oceans. This is a brand not satisfied with just providing traceability and transparency, or minimising environmental impact, but rather flipping the model on its head to actively drive positive impact.

They replant forests, cleans oceans and sustain local, ethical trade. They’re a brand who go the extra mile. A generous brand. That’s a brand I’d want to be friends with.

See their collection here.